Why turning off your cell phone ringer will be the best thing you’ve ever done

Updated: March 1, 2016

We react quite too much to the mobile devices in our lives.
Over the past month I became annoyed by the constant vibration of text messages, emails and calls so I put my phone on silent.
I figured that the important people in my life wouldn’t mind when I responded. If it’s a text I’ll answer when I pick up the phone,
a person who is calling would leave a message and emails I’ll get to whenever I do.
Our attention spawns as a society have become so short that we jump to a beep of a device.
Now don’t get me wrong a smartphone can be a powerful tool in the right hands, but it’s not important and you’re losing out on living
if you snap, Instagram and tweet everything. You’ll be less involved with whatever task you’re trying to accomplish, less attentive to an experience
at an event and less involved with the people who are around you. Try it for a day or two and see how your life is changed.