Truth is why Net Neutrality matters !!!!!!!

Updated: December 15, 2017

Net Neutrality is important not because you would have to pay extra for social media, Internet searches or entertainment but, since words, facts and data mean that truth is being sold at a premium

Over the past year the truth has become a derogatory word, those who seek to destroy it will tell you that words are baseless, facts are fiction and data is information. We’ve heard words that don’t mean anything straight from this administration, Trump says one thing and the Whitehouse says another. Facts are construed to create and alternative reality, in the case of the Charlottesville protest where Heather Heyer was murdered, the President said there was good people on both sides. when in fact we know that Nazi’s and White Supremacists are not good people. Information can be conveyed as perception whereas, data is numbers and figures that can be calculated and tested. We know that Global warming exists, the data tells us so however, some people would prefer to avoid that data and claim falsely that the information they want to derive from the data is accurate.

Knowing all this, the repeal of Net Neutrality can easily lead to the truth being masked by compiles who chose to allow sites that avdance their interests. It’s not about your freedom on the web it’s about freedom of speech and the truth !