How to Grow a Thicker beard

Updated: February 20, 2017


I am not responsible for the harm and loss of beards all advice is taken on your own accord

now that that is out of the way.

you want to grow a thicker beard ?
the first thing you need is a good razor. your razor is gonna be your beards best and longest friend.
now sometimes they’ll go away for a while, but when they meet again it will feel like no time is lost.
there are Straight Razors , disposable razors and the kind i use are Safety Razor’s cuz they look awesome and work like a charm. you need to decide which one works for you, i suggest the safety razors because i use them. Also, get an electric beard trimmer for when it gets longer in order to style and shape it.
now that we got that out of the way the first thing you need to do is
Leave it alone for the first month that it is growing. if you have sapped or trimmed it
start new.why ? because if you want it to grow out naturally shave it all off and don’t touch it for a whole month!. After that you need to grab yourself some beard oil and beard balm. i bet you’re like bruh why do i need that

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