All-time NBA Starting five

Updated: June 14, 2014

Point-guard Magic Johnson
Shooting guard Kobe bryant
Small Forward Micheal Jordan Power Forward Larry Bird
Center Shaquille O’neal

All these players are top notch defenders who could easily shut down anyone at their and most likely any other position. the size on this team would be tough to compete with Kobe and MJ are both 6’6 and they would be the shortest players on this team. all these players have championship rings and are proven in the NBA finals and the most important aspect that they all share is that they are all capable of being mentally in the game they do not breakdown when they are against the ropes all these men have the mental strength to fight back.
Michael Jordan- the greatest ever he has gone 6-6 in NBA Finals and has done things no one ever could and probably won’t ever be able to do

Kobe Bryant- kobe is the closest thing we will ever see to the greatness of MJ but kobe has his own way of doing things he creates for himself and can be considered to be the greatest scorer of all time putting down 81 against the Toronto Raptors at one point

Magic Johnson is one of the NBA’S and LA’S most beloved people he has done so much for the city both with his championship and his community work he can virtually play every position on the floor and as a rookie he played center to help the Lakers win 1 of the 5 he won while playing as a Laker

Larry bird is one of the NBA most tenacious players ever he has been a part of the Boston celtic and Los Angeles Lakers rivalry and was going head to head with Magic during their college and pro days

Shaquille O’Neal Is the MOST physically dominant player to ever step foot on a NBA floor he is no doubt un-guardable and can take whatever he wants the only flaw in his game was his free throws but when shaq was at his best no one could stop him