Top 5 Big Men in wrestling

Updated: June 19, 2015

5. Big Show /The Giant
he started his wrestling career winning the world tittle from Hulk Hogan and to this day he is going strong and continues to wow fans with his massive frame and ability to work as a big man.

4. KANE made this debut when he pulled the door off the Hell in a Cell to attack his brother the undertaker now his has assumed the role of a corporate stooge for HHH and Stephanie.

3.Yokozuna with his massive frame fascinated fans with his surprising agility for a huge man with managers like mr.fuji and Jim Corenette

2.Vader who has won notorious championships across the world made his return in 2012 on RAW to beat the one man southern rock band

1.The one man who has been a constant in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans for the past two decades is the dead man.