The Meaning Of Music

Updated: September 14, 2015

The music scene today captures the listless way of our youth no message, story or meaning just soulless chatter which is hyped up with loud noise and fake sounds. What you listen to shapes who you are and what expression you feel is based on what that music does for message in the music leads to the false impression that there is nothing more to experience in life but, the same scene, actions and to repeat. Most music from earlier generations were made by feelings and life events. Musicians were seenas the people who are able to capture the core of human existence. The one’s who could say what you couldn’t, express your deepest sorrow along with the joyful bliss. Today they are cheap sellouts with little to no talent and no ability to reach anyone with a meaningful message. Get out there live love and don’t get stuck in the same ways everyone else is. Leave a trail in the dirt and don’t look back