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Updated: December 22, 2015

WWE TLC Review:

TLC was a turning point for the WWE not because it was super amazing, it had it’s moments but because it had to be after the devastating injury to what to me is the cornerstone of the WWE right now Seth Rollins. The show started off with a hell of a triple threat ladder match with the New Day coming up victorious but not before the Lucha dragons stole the show with many insane moves flying off ladders like their lives depended on it.


After that first match where they wooed and wowed everyone was a match between Rusev and Ryback which was a classic matchup that would have Vince McMahon foaming at the mouth with 2 big gorillas slugging each other for the entire match. There was a moment in this one where Ryback went to the top rope and jumped on to Rusev, which was totally out of character I think someone should tell Ryback to stick to the ground and not risk himself being a big dude you shouldn’t be up there.

Next was a promo with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose which was nothing new , but them predicating what is going to happen at the end of the night after they are done with their respective matches.

Del Rio and Swagger were up next in a chairs match going along with the theme of the PPV this was a great match Swagger hadn’t been on TV in a while and it was refreshing to see him back in action they put on a hell of a match besides the tag team title match this one stood out to me. It showed that both men put in tons of effort.

Wyatt’s vs team extreme was a cool kick back to the old school ECW days where everything was legal the match was filled with weapons galore and a great break from the norm, the end was getting really good to the point where bubba ray put light fluid on the table and was about to light it on fire, but he was throated and the match finished with no flames to most old school fans displeasure.

Kevin Owens came out to another great promo before the match. He is one of the best talkers as of right now in the business and no one can out promo him. This is a great picture of what the WWE should look to do more of, having old school guys come back is great and all but they ned to feature the younger stars so that they can also get a shine and Ambrose and Owens showed that when they get a chance they can deliver.

Divas match came up next with Charlotte and Paige putting on a great show. The Diva’s champ has been putting on a great show as of late learning from her daddy and putting in some great matches this dark side of Charlotte is refreshing and she should totally continue to pursue it. Paige is also one of my favorites and we can look forward to seeing her work for at least another 15 years.

Reigns and Sheamus were on the top of the card they beat the crap out of eachother and took each other to the limit but the League of Nations prevented reigns from once again capturing the title.
there was great effort put forth in this match but both are pretty much the same built and are only limited to a certain style vs each other. What made the ppv was the fact that Roman finally got the chance to respond to the doubters beating up HHH showed that hes not  a punk nor is he scared of anyone This to me made Roman Reigns a solid fit to win the WWE championship and he did so the next night on RAW. HHH Vs Reigns is something I hope happens this would create soo much noise that even the haters would pay attention, but after TLC I think Reigns is Finally on the right track.