Phil Lynott: my ode to Phil

Updated: January 4, 2016

Phil Lynott the front man of legendary Rock and Roll group Thin LIzzy died 30 years ago today, although he has been gone 3 decades his reach and influence touch many though the music he left behind. to me Phil was an amazing lyricist his sounds and sounds varied and you can find a song that fits to any persons liking the catalog is huge and the legend lives on.

this is my ‘ode to phil’
“Beads of sweat running down my head
i think of you and i know you’re still dead
But oh you rocker how you saved my soul
Taught me how to be in control
Your words of wisdom flow through my veins
I stand here cuz your death was not in vain
Catapult that whiskey in a jar
Out in the fields and it isn’t really far
To strike a match that’s as hot as a star
Truth be told you are the brightest by far
Your consequence keeps me bold inside
I feel as though you are still alive
Wild one you spread the love that quenched my pride
Thank you Phil for you are still alive.

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