Born to lose, lived to Win

Updated: January 7, 2016

Lemmy was that guy that everyone wanted to be like, he’s the type of guy people would look at and be like maybe I could wear what he does and I could be as cool as him. Usually when you come across a person in the music industry you can tell where they got their influences from and how they’ve come to be where they are. Lemmy was not that type of person he was who he was and what you got is what you saw. This is what I was looking at when I realized at a young age this dude embodied everything that I envisioned in my future-self he was a badass with no question’s  on who he was and no apologies for anyone who questioned him. At the age of 10 I had these ideas brewing I never cared for the kids with big-mouths or what they had to say I always knew that in the end the people who talked the most had the least to say and in my mid 20’s I could tell you that this is closer to true than anything else on this planet. At first glance Lemmy could be seen as a horse-voiced Rockstar who lived fast and partook in the underbelly of society, but anytime you ask someone about him he was the guy who stayed and took pictures with fans and to his cohorts their best friend and everyone knows he was the metal god. I’m sure there was more celebration than tears because Lemmy brought to this world what I hope he got out of it, Born to lose and lived to win